Chinmaya Mission Austin Closed until further notice

Balavihar Program is now completely online!

Temple events streaming on CMA Temple YouTube channel

Latest News:
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* Garden Seva, Saturday April 10th - Sign-up by sending email to
* Sri Raama Navami celebrations, Wednesday April 21st - Join us on CMA Temple YouTube channel
* Please provide gotra naama details to be included in the Sankalpam by using this Navami sign-up form
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Upcoming Events

Weekly Activities

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
@ 9:30am - 11am
Bhagavad Gita Adult Satsang @10am -11am
Shiva Abhishekam
@ 7pm
Study Group(Adult)  @ 11:45am - 1pm & @7:45pm - 9pm
CHYK Class @7:30pm
Lord Krishna Abhishekam  @ 7pm
Srimad Bhagavatham Discourse
@7:30 -8:30pm
Devi Abhishekam @ 7pm
Satsang on Thu & Sat wiill be conducted by Shuchita Ji via Zoom classes. Sunday satsang will be posted on YouTube after the session. Wednesday Study Group with Meena Patel Ji (Email:

Words from our CMA Family

” My favorite part of mission was the teachers! I loved how they would let us talk about our real life and vent a little bit but also help us figure out how to calm down and not get stressed out. “

-UTD Freshman alum 2019

” What I love about Chinmaya Mission is the community. I love hanging out with my friends and hearing about their perspectives. The discussions help me figure out how to handle things in my own life.“

-10th Grader 2020

” Great place for worship also provides our children values from Sanatana Dharma. The entire family can be involved in spiritual growth. “

-Swapnila S.Das

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